Employee Spotlight – Jatin Chhantbar

Frequency Foundry presents our third employee spotlight, Jatin Chhantbar! Jatin was born in Halvad, Gujarat and is the newest member of the Frequency Foundry family having only been here for three months. His position is a Software Developer with the Foundry and his main tasks include assisting in development, bug fixes, and providing support for…


Employee Spotlight – Renee Graumann

Frequency Foundry presents our second employee spotlight, Renee Graumann! Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Renee has been employed at the Foundry for nine years. Her position is a Functional Analyst – Telax with the Foundry and her priorities include requirements gathering, building IVRs, training, and implementing Telax for new clients. Additionally, Renee lends a hand in…


Employee Spotlight – Val Maly

To celebrate Frequency Foundry’s 10 year anniversary we decided to showcase the team that make us tick.  We sat down with every team member and asked them a set of ten questions – both quirky and professional – to gain some insight into their position and personal life. As the Foundry continues to grow and…


4 Ways CRM Can Enhance Student and University Relationships

Technology is a tool being used to teach in classrooms every day, but what about using it to enhance relationships with students? Higher education prospects select the school of their choice and go through the process of admission, course selection, years of study and ultimately, graduation. Most students are just dreaming of the day they…


What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software?

By Michael Gaiga, Technology Consultant At its core, CRM software enhances a business’s relationship with its stakeholders. Some of these stakeholders could be customers, potentials customers, employees, etc. In medium to large size organizations, employees will interact with people outside of the business. These interactions will remain between the customer and the employee without a…


Securing Our Servers

By Shawn Stubbs, Technology Consultant Here at Frequency Foundry, we take data security seriously. With all the news about government hacking and security breaches, we want to take a step back and discuss the reality of keeping a server secure. I would like to highlight some basic precautions to ensure your systems are prepared securely….

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