Prosper for D365

Economic Development Solution for Government

A comprehensive Economic Development solution built for state, provincial and municipal governments, developed with input from Local and Regional government Economic Development Offices

What is Prosper?

Prosper is a comprehensive suite of economic development features and functions pre-built into Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution allows Municipal and State Economic Development offices realize their Trade and Investment attraction goals through an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. 


Is your economic development office struggling to manage client needs, track opportunities, and comply with privacy & security regulations? Is manual data entry a task added to the already busy day of your valuable economic development staff? 

Prosper equips your team with out-of-the-box best economic development business practices.  As a result, Prosper provides you with all of the features and functionality needed to reduce your administrative workload and increase your time available to build customer/prospect relationships. 

Technology Feature List



Prosper provides a framework to plan, manage and monitor the mentorship activities that are needed to maximize the investments made in your market. Prosper supports the widest variety of communication channels to ensure that client connections are made through their preferred engagement channel and ultimately contribute to a 360-degree view of a client relationship.



Prosper enables trade missions by providing a facility to plan, execute and deploy an unlimited number of programs, projects, events/activities and resources. The solution collects opportunity data and assists in managing the investments made against a specific planned budget. Opportunity data is also traceable back to particular trade mission activities to allow the measurement of efficacy and help groups determine "what works and what does not work".



Prosper allows economic development groups to plan, create, search and apply economic incentives. Additionally, Prosper manages the reporting requirements and measurement of ROI after incentives have been applied. Reports and analytic tools can be run against historical incentive data to determine the success of specific programs and assist economic development groups in providing the right incentives to the right prospects.

What Prosper can do for you

Trade & Investments

Prosper assists in keeping track of investments made as well as measuring the performance of those investments through the use of extensive analytics and reporting functionality.

Opportunity Management

Prosper provides robust opportunity management by capturing leads, monitoring the conversion of those leads into prosperous opportunities, managing and prioritizing these opportunities to maximize successful outcomes.

Performance Reporting

Prosper provides user-friendly reporting capabilities that assist users with monitoring and analyzing performance outcomes. This enables economic development groups to make more educated, data driven decisions.

Client Relationship Management

Prosper leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 to ensure client relationships are continuously nurtured and positively maintained.

Event Management

Prosper provides a comprehensive set of event management features and captures all event related information from the moment an event is created through to providing post event surveys and reports.

Retention & Expansion

Prosper enables your economic development group with the attraction, retention and expansion of business activity within your market.

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