Sustainability Policy

Our Environmental Commitment

This sustainability policy is a commitment by Frequency Foundry and our employees to practice environmental responsibility in the workplace and within the community. The Foundry strives to make a positive impact on environmental sustainability by upholding this policy in every business decision made.

At Frequency Foundry, we empower our employees to take the necessary steps in becoming environmentally conscious individuals. We aim to inspire change in our community by representing this sustainability policy when participating in green initiatives outside of the workplace.  We believe that technology plays an integral role in the fight against climate change. As a technology company, we support innovation in the energy sector and believe that together we can help preserve our planet’s resources for future generations.

Frequency Foundry’s office headquarters is located in the Petrowest Plaza in Calgary, Alberta. This building is BOMA Building Environmental Standards (BEST) certified. BOMA BEST is a national program launched in 2005 by BOMA Canada to address an industry need for realistic standards for energy and environmental performance of buildings based on independently verified information. It is Canada’s largest environmental assessment and certification program for existing buildings.

In support of this sustainability commitment, Frequency Foundry promises to abide by the following processes and procedures and ingrain these necessary initiatives into our corporate culture:

·         Provide three-stream recycling bins that include e-waste, plastics and paper

·         Produce all business material and marketing collateral in a digital format to maintain a “paperless” office

·         Uphold a zero-tolerance policy for the improper disposal of recyclables

·         Avoid unnecessary travel by making use of video and audio conferencing

·         Encourage employees to participate in, or support participants in Calgary’s “Bike Month” held in the month of June, as well as “Ride your bike to work day” held on May 28th

·         Provide staff with a full kitchen equipped with energy star appliances and water coolers to encourage “no-waste lunches”

·         Utilize fresh air circulation to decrease reliance air conditioning

·         Turn off lights in offices that aren’t being used and eventually convert lighting to energy efficient LED light bulbs

·         Communicate relevant sustainability information to all employees, contractors, visitors and stakeholders

·         Purchase office supplies such as paper and paper towel that is made from recycled material as well as environmentally safe dish and hand soap

·         Integrate operational sustainability solutions with teaching, learning and research objectives

·         Participate in corporate volunteering opportunities for sustainable initiatives within the community


This policy is a guideline for Frequency Foundry staff members to follow in order to maintain a more environmentally sustainable business; it will be updated as required to reflect the changes and progress being made toward our goal of reducing the Foundry’s corporate carbon footprint. 

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