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Architect your student experiences from recruitment to graduation and beyond with solutions by Frequency Foundry and services by Alithya. 

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Replace siloed data sources
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Using greymatter, Universities and Colleges can centralize data, capture and manage engagement, execute insightful analysis and strengthen relationships with constituents, which can include prospects, applicants, active students, alumni, donors, partners and more.

The technology

greymatter is a Full Lifecycle Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution for higher education that provides for a 360-degree view of the entire student experience using an expansive range of relationship management features and functionality for every stage of the student lifecycle.

Best in class technology platform, standard data models, niche functionality for individual student facing departments. We’re the future of higher education CRM. We built the world’s first full lifecycle enterprise higher Ed CRM in 2012 and have been innovating since. Today, we have evolved CRMs from the System of Intelligence, where we rate most other CRMs to be at, into a System of Action—one that acts on the insights and intelligence gathered.

What else can greymatter do for you?

Trusted North American-wide

“Frequency Foundry has been very responsive to our unique needs and has an excellent understanding of the post-secondary education sector. This was, by far, the smoothest implementation of software we’ve ever experienced. Frequency Foundry clearly knew what was most important and helped us focus on that. We continue to work with them on expanding our student support center technologies and processes. I would not hesitate to recommend other higher education institutions to work with Frequency Foundry.”

Athabasca University

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