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Full Lifecycle Constituent Relationship Management (FL-CRM) Powered by Microsoft’s Cloud, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Student Lifecycle CRM

greymatter is a Full Lifecycle Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) platform for Higher Education that captures a 360-degree view of the entire student experience using an expansive range of relationship management functionality and analytics. As a Full Lifecycle CRM, greymatter can be described as an FL-CRM (pronounced as "fulcrum").
Just as a fulcrum lightens a heavy load, greymatter acts as a pivotal point to lighten the burden of everyday, repetitive administrative tasks while breaking down legacy siloes that exist between traditional Higher Education solutions.

Using greymatter, Universities and Colleges can centralize data, capture and manage engagement, execute insightful analysis and strengthen relationships with constituents, which can include prospects, applicants, active students, alumni, donors, partners and more.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dataverse and accelerators built specifically for Higher Education and the Not-for-Profit sectors, greymatter provides customers with a solid and extensible underlying data structure to model Higher Education business process, automation, and analytics.


Advancement Advancement Advancement
Retention Retention Retention
Admissions Admissions Admissions
Promotions Promotions Promotions


greymatter assists development offices by using tools such as workflows, outbound dialing, dashboards, and more to build and deploy campaigns to connect with donors and alumni for fundraising, awards and program delivery.


greymatter supplies essential tools to engage target populations, analyze risk and engagement, understand service breakdowns and re-define business processes that upsurge retention.


greymatter provides personalized student and agency enrolment portals, manages academic advising appointments, and assists admissions departments with lead qualification and SIS integration to ensure a single version of student data.


greymatter enhances community and business partnerships through corporate learning and data sharing initiatives surrounding academic achievements.


Frequency Foundry brings the right team of advisors, innovators, and engineers to deliver a winning CRM strategy and a solution to best fit your institution. By targeting the five areas of the student lifecycle - Recruit, Admit, Retain, Advance, and Promote,  greymatter provides a true 360-degree view of the student experience at all points in the

lifecycle while delivering a deeper understanding of interconnected constituent relationships beyond students. Over the last decade, we have helped institutions – from Florida to the Yukon and everywhere in between – to know and understand their student and wider constituent communities better.


Contact and account management

Case management

Marketing and campaigns

Event management