Prosper | Economic Development CRM

Economic Development Tools for Government Platformed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure

Prosper is a comprehensive suite of economic development tools that can be used by state, provincial, and municipal governments to enhance the performance of economic growth departments. Developed with client input from local and regional governments, Prosper provides functionality that executes BR&E strategies as well as trade and investment attraction goals. With Prosper, users can manage client needs, track opportunities, enable trade missions, automate campaigns, monitor mentorships,

apply incentives, perform SWOT Analysis, report on social capital, comply with privacy and security regulations, and much more. Every instance of Prosper supplies the best of economic development business practices through a bespoke, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface that provides all the features and functionality needed to reduce administrative workloads and increase the time available to build customer/prospect relationships.


Retention & Expansion Retention & Expansion Retention & Expansion
Performance Reporting Performance Reporting Performance Reporting
Client relationship management Client relationship management Client relationship management
Trade and investments Trade and investments Trade and investments
Event management Event management Event management

Retention & Expansion

Prosper empowers economic development groups with the attraction, retention, and expansion of business activity within their markets.

Performance Reporting

Prosper furnishes economic development groups with reporting capabilities to monitor and analyze performance outcomes for data-driven decisions.

Client relationship management

Prosper leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 to ensure client relationships are continuously nurtured and positively maintained.

Trade and investments

Prosper assists economic development teams in tracking and measuring investments and investment performances through the use of analytics and performance monitoring tools

Event management

Prosper supports economic development teams in capturing event-related information from the creation of an event to post-event surveys and reports.


Frequency Foundry brings the right team of advisors, innovators, and engineers to deliver a winning CRM strategy and solution to best fit your economic development needs. Prosper brings together stakeholders to attract organizations, increase employment, and promote commerce for the enhancement and well-being of economic development activities.

By targeting areas of Trade & Investments, Opportunity Management, Client Relationship Management, Event Management, Business Retention & Expansion, and Performance Reporting, Prosper, economic management teams can better increase the availability of resources while utilizing idle potentials.