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Signal is a Citizen Engagement CRM solution that manages non-emergency 311 service requests, work orders and interchanges between local municipal governments and citizens. Signal improves the delivery of services to citizens 311 and provides data back to government to allow services to be tuned and optimized to meet changing demands. Offering integrated contact center functionality and the flexibility, scalability and extensibility provided by Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform, Signal supports the 311 needs and growth of any regional or municipal administration.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure datacenters, Signal features a comprehensive Cloud-based SaaS CRM and Citizen Portal and provides easy-to-use interfaces, process automation, and a wide array of functionality to elevate the citizen engagement experience. Using Signal, municipalities can better manage cases, inquiries, service dispatches and provide knowledge base content quickly and efficiently to citizens. With Signal, communities are able to provide more effective 311 services and can know their communities better.


Community knowledge base Community knowledge base Community knowledge base
Maintenance & Dispatch Maintenance & Dispatch Maintenance & Dispatch
Performance reporting Performance reporting Performance reporting
Integration Integration Integration
Case and service center Case and service center Case and service center

Community knowledge base

Signal connects constituents to a Knowledge Base with natural queries and learning capabilities that provide indexed answers, while automatically building upon the KB tagging system, from Word docs, press releases, fact sheet, FAQ, and other resources.

Maintenance & Dispatch

Signal links dispatch and geo-located mobile work forces to optimize the routing of mobile work forces and ensure the most efficient fulfilment of maintenance requests, based on the skills, tools, and inventory that each mobile work force member possesses.

Performance reporting

Signal demonstrates performance, transparency and accountability to citizens and stakeholders for the verification of attentiveness and effectiveness when resolving 311 cases. Signal can publish statistics and reports, making them available to both regulators and citizens as needed.


Signal seamlessly integrates across Microsoft’s entire technology platform and leverages the Dynamics 365 API to communication with other municipal systems. With Foundry’s integrated Cloud contact center solution, Signal can also provide intelligent call routing, data import and synchronization and case monitoring.

Case and service center

Signal provides CRM collaboration between municipal departments while ensuring the accountability and transparency that citizens demand. Signal users can benefit from customizable dashboards and portals, including a mobile responsive citizen portal, for improved case management.


Frequency Foundry provides the right team of advisors, innovators, and engineers to deliver a winning CRM strategy and solution to best fit a municipality's 311 needs. By targeting the areas of Community Knowledge Base, Performance Reporting, Case & Service Centre, and Integration, 

Signal administers a leading approach for civil service management and provides richer data intelligence to deliver services and improve constituent experiences.


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