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At Foundry, we believe in transforming the role of a Chief Information Officer for a Higher Education institution into a Chief Insights Officer or a Chief Innovation Officer. Gone are the days of a CIO's role being that of keeping the information technology infrastructure running.

Digital Transformation can be a differentiator for any Higher Ed Institution, and we believe that while ensuring that keeping the lights are on are necessary, they are just table stakes.

With Foundry's Managed IT Leadership service, we offer an opportunity for our team to help your institution transform from a place of teaching into a place of learning, one focused on the student experience, one that believes that the right use of technology can propel your institution and students to succeed.

Our team of Higher Education IT experts, Industry leaders and MVPs can help make that transformation possible.

Our expert team of IT leaders whose sector expertise, visionary ability to align IT needs with institutional strategic plans and create bespoke technology strategy and management structures, provides the required foundation for your institution to scale, realize efficiencies across your organization and transform your student experience.

Working onsite and with your institutional leadership team, our experts provide the necessary strategic insights and partnerships that allow Presidents, Chancellors and Vice-Presidents across higher education create a success based learning experience for your students by empowering your staff members.

Managed IT Leadership Services

Ensure that the overall technology architecture is future-proof and aligned for success 

Whether its an implementation, migration project or a multi-year multi-vendor transformation program, we’ll take care of every aspect , ensuring the initiative meets goals and success factors while ensuring on time, on budget and on quality.

We start with an IT assessment to identify any vulnerabilities and make the necessary improvements to meet all compliance requirements. 

Your institution and your sensitive data will always be protected from cyber security threats. We have the ability to identify them before they even happen. 

Both internally and externally, we’re here to ensure that all IT services, like your helpdesk, run as smoothly as possible.

Now, more than ever, offering remote and hybrid learning is a must and it’s not going to change anytime soon. Whatever your learning models, we’ll help facilitate the best technology for student success. 

Create governance for the production, consumption and enrichment of data

Create the digital vision and blueprint and use a strategic group of advisors who advise the institution’s leaders on market trends, strategic areas of focus and service differentiators

Turn data into intelligent insights allowing for the predictive and prescriptive analytics

Our comprehensive cloud migration framework allows for pre-configured higher education-specific tools, methods, and automation.

As experienced IT experts, we know how to communicate with vendors ensuring you’re getting the best price and the right products to fit your institution’s needs.

We’re always planning many steps ahead to mitigate risks to your institution; your technology safety is paramount.

Keeping your technology running smoothly means we monitor software engineering processes for your, making sure your software is at its optimal functionality. 

Technology can sometimes give you a headache if it’s not working as planned. We’ll create a contingency plan and help you get back on track.

What can a Virtual CIO do for your institution?

  • Strategic Institutional Planning and Management of IT Teams
  • Manage Enterprise Applications and Enterprise Architecture needs aligned with institutional goals with security at the forefront
  • Partner with your senior management team on a regular basis to understand your organizational goals deliver on changing technology requirements 
  • Understand compliance needs and negotiate and manage technology service agreements with third-party vendors
  • Create and Manage Technology Plans and institutional roadmaps
  • Help with the planning of IT investments and assist in the realization of return on those investments
  • Implement a cyber security strategy to safeguard business data and student information
  • Identify and realize efficiencies where possible through the alignment of people, process and technology
  • Program and Project Manage projects to success
  • Train and empower staff on new systems and service delivery models
  • Prepare appropriate budgets for short, medium and long-term projections
  • Create a technology strategy for business continuity that will also keep you ahead of your competition in terms of emerging technology to support efficient operations and student success

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