Frequency Foundry Partners with The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO)

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) is partnering with Frequency Foundry Inc. to offer AMO members a digital citizen relationship management (CRM) solution that can improve customer service and efficiency.

Frequency Foundry’s software solution, Signal, provides 3-1-1 services for residents, helping them access municipal information and resources. Signal helps municipalities manage and track requests, complaints and inquiries, and delivers a variety of “front desk” services. It also integrates into existing municipal systems and processes.

“This partnership will open up the convenience and efficiency of a 3-1-1 system to more municipalities, including small, rural and remote communities,” said Jamie McGarvey, AMO President. “These municipalities may lack the resources and expertise to put digital customer service technology in place. Yet with their smaller staff capacities, they can benefit greatly from the savings and improvements offered by such systems.”

Using this technology will help members streamline processes, reduce costs, and better manage relationships between residents and their municipality.

Frequency Foundry, headquartered in Calgary, is a Microsoft Gold Certified CRM partner that builds solutions on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform. It implements those solutions and provides advisory services to its customers in the public sector and higher education. Foundry serves several municipal governments in British Columbia and Ontario, including the City of Mississauga and the City of Timmins.

AMO has been actively searching for a partner that could offer its membership a digital citizen service platform since 2018. After consulting with members and through feedback provided by an advisory committee, Frequency Foundry was selected as an AMO preferred partner for a digital CRM solution through an open and competitive RFP process.

“Frequency Foundry is very excited about the opportunity to bring its Signal 3-1-1 solution to AMO’s membership,” says Foundry’s CEO, Shekar Kadaba. “We feel that the combined strength of our product and our deep experience with municipalities and small governments will bring great value to AMO members while also presenting Frequency Foundry with an exciting opportunity to broaden our customer base in Central Canada.”

Since the 2017 release of #OnMuni Online: Towards Digital Transformation and Opportunities for Ontario’s Municipal Governments, AMO has been partnering with leading solution providers to offer scalable, affordable, and easy-to-use technologies to help members find ways to be more efficient and reduce costs.

About AMO

AMO is a non-profit organization representing almost all of Ontario’s 444 municipal governments. AMO supports strong and effective municipal government in Ontario and promotes the value of municipal government as a vital and essential component of Ontario and Canada’s political system.